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rejected membership?

If you applied to become a member of SOCHIQUE and was not approved, this might be the reason why.

These are all the things I check for:

001. All/Most of your usericons are NOT credited. If it is an icon that you made yourself, just put "me" on the comments. It's not that hard to give credit, honestly.
002. You have absolutly no public entries, not even a "friends only" entry. Therefore, how do I know that you are active?
003. It's an icon journal or a journal you use for only communities. (Basically, it's not you're personal journal.)

Don't worry if you weren't accepted. Once you correct the above, you can apply for membership again.

The reason I do this isn't to be mean. A lot of people take icons from Livejournal and put it on Myspace and Xanga without permission. This is to make sure that I have members who will follow and respect the community's rules.

Thank you all for you're understanding!
♥ Claudia (Owner)